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Spring Trending

No Comments 08 April 2014


Today’s look incorporates a couple of spring’s hottest trends, black and white and a midi skirt.  Personally, I think calling black and white a trend is a bit of a misnomer as the dynamic duo crops up season after season making it more of a classic color combo rather than a passing pairing.  And while skirt hem lines might change dramatically from season to season, you can never go wrong with a ladylike length and silhouette.


I picked up this skirt a few weeks ago and it’s been in heavy rotation ever since.  The fabric’s weight, texture, and cut (pockets too!) make this a piece that is easy to wear and style.  This time around I chose to play off the 50s vibe of the skirt and paired it with a retro inspired sweater, but it looks equally as fashionable with a simple tee, a fun tank, or pretty blouse.


Such a fun skirt deserves accessories that are equally as fun. While I don’t have a major wardrobe budget, I try to invest in quality add ons that will pair well with a lot of different items in my closet and bring a smile to my face.  I love the way the yellow clutch and the gold accents on the bracelet and shoes pop against the black.  For those of you who think black is too somber for spring, remember it pairs well with all those bright hues you’ve been waiting to wear all winter and is a sophisticated way to incorporate more intense colors without going overboard.



Style Notes: Forever 21 sweater (fall 2012; like this) / H & M skirt (winter 2014; similar style) / dv by Dolce Vita shoes via Last Chance (winter 2014) / Kate Spade clutch (summer 2013; birthday present; Ebay options) / Michael Kors watch via Last Chance (spring 2012; love this) / Kate Spade bracelet (fall 2012; a little spring update) / Anthropologie shades (summer 2013; like these)

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Can’t Live Without

No Comments 20 February 2014


Everyone should have a go-to outfit or at least category of items in their wardrobe arsenal.  Ideally, these are garments that complement our figures and coloring, evoke happiness, and, most importantly, makes us feel our best.  While it’s nice to have variety, the pieces that make us feel ready to tackle what the day holds should take up the majority of the real estate in our closets.


If I had to pare my closet down to only one garment category I would gladly throw out all the sweaters, tops, skirts, shorts, and pants to make room for dresses.  From a young age I have adored everything about dresses: their relative ease of wear, the innate feminine qualities, and the way I carry myself in a dress.


When I was little I selected dresses on their ability to fan out when spinning.  This Gap dress definitely meets the fashion standards of my youth, but manages to retain that sense of fun while being age and work appropriate.  The cut of this dress is flattering for a variety of body types and the cobalt blue compliments a variety of skin tones. The stripes add an element of interest making this a dress that requires little to no accessorizing.


I chose to accessorize the dress with a statement necklace that plays off the alternating stripes of bold blue and black. The necklace doesn’t try to compete with the dress’ pattern; instead, it further emphasizes the feminine qualities of the dress itself.


I then repeated the color palate through a fun tight I picked up this fall at Gap Kids.  (Style tip: if you are of average height and weight Gap Kids’ tights in either a L or XL will fit and are an affordable way to add an element of fun to a look.)


What are some of the go-to pieces in your closet?

Style Notes: Gap dress (winter 2013) / Gap kids tights (summer 2013; love these) / dv by Dolce Vita shoes via Last Chance (winter 2014) / Kate Spade Outlet necklace (fall 2013; purchased on mega sale; love this) /

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Double Duty

No Comments 05 February 2014


Note: Despite the look of dismay on my face in this picture, I actually like this outfit quite a bit.

A pencil skirt is a no brainer for those days when you want to up the ante on sophistication.  Top it with a classically cut blazer and a feminine top and you are ready to conquer the world.

I totally understand that not every work environment or situation lends itself to over-the-top dressing or accessorizing but that does not mean a girl can’t sneak in a little fun.  While this is clearly a very polished, edited look, it definitely isn’t short on style or interest.  The metallic peter pan collar and the faux leather waistband of the skirt all stand in for the typical necklace and belt I would add on to complete a look.  The two toned coloring of the shirt and the muted metallic shoe also help add little elements of surprise without going overboard for the workplace.


I love all the built in details of these pieces.  Those special details are what make an outfit stand out from the crowd and when they are already part of the garments themselves it makes it easy to feel a little more put together without all the fuss of trying to figure out the perfect accessories to compliment a look.


This shirt has quickly become one of my favorite go-to items.  It’s ultimately a sweatshirt tee, but the quirky collar and feminine cut sleeves take it from something basic to something special.  Since it has a nice mixture of casual and dressier elements, it’s one of those pieces that works for both work and play.  I love when garments play multiple roles!


Style Notes: Anthropologie shirt (fall 2013; love this for spring) / The Limited skirt (c/0 fall 2013; similar style) / Banana Republic shoes (summer 2010; love these) / Marc Jacobs purse via Last Chance (summer 2013; 83% off original price) / Kate Spade bracelet (winter 2011; love this) / Michael Kors watch via Last Chance (spring 2012; love this) / Anthropologie ring (winter 2013)

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Unsung Hero

1 Comment 28 January 2014

polkadot dress and yellow scarf

I love a good statement piece, but as any mother of young kids knows a fancy necklace isn’t always the most practical wardrobe add on.  Since I can’t always rock an adorable necklace, scarves have become the unsung hero of my accessory collection. While necklaces are hard for little hands and mouths to resist, causing heartache on my end when they break and on my children’s end when they scratch, scarves serve to add a pop of color or interesting texture to a look and are far more gentle on little faces and hands.  My son, who is three, even refers to scarves as “snugglies” and often requests that I put one on before we settle in for a good cuddle session.  Who can resist that level of adorableness?


While stores are beginning to turn over their merchandise to more spring like wares, the majority of the country is still experiencing bone chilling weather which makes this the perfect time to stock up on some scarves for next winter or to experiment with them before warmer weather is the norm.  Here are a few I think are worth a look:

Since scarves come in a variety of textures, prints, and weight they pair nicely with a lot of different outfits, making them a must have accessory.

polkadot dress and yellow scarf 2

Style Notes: Anthropologie dress (spring 2013; love this) / Anthropologie scarf (winter 2013; love this for spring) / Michael Kors watch via Last Chance (spring 2012; love this) / Kate Spade bracelet (sring 2011; love this) / Anthropologie earrings (fall 2013; love these)

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What’s Old Is New Again

No Comments 31 December 2013


This dress and I are quite the duo.  In the past I’ve styled it for both day and night, so this time around I wanted to give the look a little winter update with a cozy infinity scarf, a quirky print, and a little pop of color. Even though there are three different prints going on in this outfit, everything works together because three colors (black, white and grey) are repeated throughout and the circular pattern is repeated in the shape of the scarf and in the print on the dress and shirt.


Scarves are by far the thing I look forward to wearing the most once the weather begins to cool down.  While we may not need full on winter gear here in Phoenix, a scarf is an easy way to add more wintery elements to our attire for the few weeks of “cold” temps we do experience!  Scarves are really having a moment this season so there are a lot of fun options out there and now, with the advent of all the after Christmas sales, is the perfect time to pick up a few to carry you through the rest of this winter and to stock up for next!


After having worn this dress a million times over the last year, this is by far my favorite way I’ve styled it.   While this is still a look that would be appropriate for a variety of work and social situations, it exudes a little more personality and spunk than previous stylings.


Style Notes: Target dress (fall 2012; striped option)/ Chloe K shirt via Last Chance (spring 2012; similar style) / Anthropologie scarf (fall 2013; cute, budget option) / Me Too shoes via Last Chance (summer 2012; similar style) / Kate Spade clutch (summer 2013; birthday present; Ebay options) / Kate Spade bracelet (fall 2012; love this) / Kate Spade ring (fall 2011; love this) / Michael Kors watch via Last Chance (spring 2012; love this)

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Night at The Limited

2 Comments 30 October 2013

This post brought to you by The Limited. All opinions are 100% mine.


When I moved to the valley thirteen years ago one of the first retailers I visited was The Limited at Scottsdale Fashion Square.  As a recent college grad, who had just landed her first teaching gig, I was in desperate need of some career minded clothing that wasn’t going to break the bank or compromise on style.  Since that initial visit many years ago, the Fashion Square location has undergone a few transformations and I have moved on to different schools and teaching assignments, but I still own, and wear, one of the shirts I bought a few days before the start of my very first school year as a teacher.  A testament to a quality product, don’t you think? So when The Limited invited me to visit the newly remodeled location Scottsdale Fashion Square I was very excited.  I was generously provided a gift card to use to put together two looks from the fall collection.


Upon entering the store one of the first things I noticed was the bright lighting, which helps the customer notice the subtle details of textures and accessories, the color stories throughout the store, and lends an overall modern vibe to the store.  The crisp white wall fixtures, pewter hanging bars,  wood floors, and damasked wallpapered fitting rooms are the perfect blend of masculine and feminine.  Overall the remodeled location has a much more minimalistic approach than interior choices of the past, which I think helps reinvigorate the brand by making it more appealing to young, upwardly mobile women.  Loyal customers will also like the new store decor as the product plays a more prominent role.



The fall collection is full of rich jewel tones, tweeds, leather details, and classic black and white pieces, which make it easy to dress appropriately for work while staying on trend.  There are plenty of pieces for every career girl, body type, and events in a girl’s life, all at a great price point.


Any time I am shopping for new pieces I try to purchase items that I know can fit a variety of functions in my life, from work to play, and that will stand the test of time.  What I truly appreciate about The Limited‘s product selection is that the majority of the collection consists of classic silhouettes that have been updated with exciting colors, textures, and patterns, which, again, makes it easy for the girl who wants pieces she knows will be appropriate for work but fun enough to take her on through the evening to happy hour with coworkers or a dinner date.



The first look I chose was a pencil skirt and sweater combination.  While this is a classic, feminine silhouette, I love that the sweater’s print and the skirt’s faux leather detail add a little bit of edge to the overall look.  The print, the faux leather waistband, and the colors also create visual interest to what could otherwise be a rather bland look.  If the sweater’s print is a bit too bold for your work environment it can easily be toned down by putting on a blazer.  This is also a look that can definitely take one from board room meetings to happy hour meet ups!

Style Notes Look #1: The Limited sweater c/o (fall 2013) / The Limited skirt c/o (fall 2013) / Gap blazer (winter 2012; similar style)/ Kate Spade Outlet necklace (fall 2013; purchased on mega sale; love this) / Nine West shoes (winter 2010; love these) / Marc Jacobs purse via Last Chance (summer 2013; 83% off original price)



The sweater from the first look also pairs nicely with these amazing riding pants I picked up that night.  (I totally took advantage of the current by one get the second 50% off promo!)  This would make for a great casual Friday work look that can be layered and dressed up a bit more with a blazer or a comfortable and stylish outfit to meet up with friends for some coffee and a movie, to run weekend errands in or for all those upcoming holiday dinners with family.  I love it when something so easy to put on can meet the demands of a busy work and social calendar!

Style Notes Look #2: The Limited sweater c/o (fall 2013) / The Limited pants (fall 2013) / Gap blazer (winter 2012; similar style) / Halogen shoes via Last Chance (spring 2012; love these flats) / Kate Spade Outlet necklace (fall 2013; purchased on mega sale; love this) / Marc Jacobs purse via Last Chance (summer 2013; 83% off original price)


For the last look I took those riding pants, which fit like a glove but are as comfortable as the leggings I lounge around the house, and put them with a crisp white blouse.  Black and white is a classic color combination that will never go out of style, no matter what is on trend for a given season, so don’t shy away from it.  Instead, look for pieces that have some interesting or out of the ordinary details to update the classic pairing.

In the case of this look, the over sized bow and the zippered ankles help keep this from just being a tank top and leggings kind of outfit.  Those two details alone add a bit of edginess and softness (huge trend for fall) that elevate the entire look.  Since the bow is such a show stopper I wouldn’t pair it with a blazer or cardigan to make it more work friendly as much of its charm would then be lost; rather, I would save this look for a special night out with the girls, a fun date night, or an office party.

Style Notes Look #3: The Limited shirt (fall 2013) / The Limited pants (fall 2013) / Kate Spade shoes via Last Chance (summer 2012; love these)/ Kate Spade clutch (summer 2013; birthday present; Ebay options)

Have you visited the remodeled The Limited at Scottsdale Fashion Square?  What are some favorite fall trends you having been dying to try?

Thanks to The Limited for a fun evening of shopping and a huge thanks to Emily, the Scottsdale Fashion Square location manager, and her staff for welcoming me into their store, answering my questions, and pulling items for me!

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