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Shopping for Summer Staples

No Comments 30 May 2015


During one of Loft’s recent promos I picked up a few summer staples that can double as work pieces once school resumes in August.  Since it will be in the triple digits when we start back up, finding clothes that can mix in with my existing wardrobe and leave me feeling cool and put together are always on my style radar.  One of my favorite purchases has been this retro inspired tropic floral cotton tee.  The print is super cool while the t-shirt cut makes it easy to style up for work, date night, or brunch or style down for a summer BBQ, bike ride, or stroll through a farmer’s market.


Here I chose accessories that are in keeping with the tropical feel of the shirt’s print but that also add another layer of sophistication.  The gold statement necklace and the gold bracelet each have an almost tribal quality that plays off the exotic florals and the brown belt adds a little more dimension at the waistline without deviating from the color scheme and overall vibe of the look.


I’m all about summer whites and brights, but something about the earth tone palette of this look seems refreshing.  What looks are you into as we head into summer?

Style Notes: Loft shirt (spring 2015; purchased at 50% off) / H&M skirt (old; similar) / Loft belt (spring 2015; purchased at 40% off) / Anthropologie necklace (summer 2014; similar) / Rocksbox bracelet (similar) / Julianne Hough for Sole Society shoes via Last Chance (summer 2014; similar) / Marc by Marc Jacobs bag via Last Chance (old; similar) / Essie Baby’s Breath (spring 2015; similar) / Mac Rebel


Loft is currently offering 40% off of tops and sweaters and 50% off sale online and 50% off all products in stores.  Below are some summer staples I’m loving! Happy shopping!

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What’s Old Is New Again

No Comments 31 December 2013


This dress and I are quite the duo.  In the past I’ve styled it for both day and night, so this time around I wanted to give the look a little winter update with a cozy infinity scarf, a quirky print, and a little pop of color. Even though there are three different prints going on in this outfit, everything works together because three colors (black, white and grey) are repeated throughout and the circular pattern is repeated in the shape of the scarf and in the print on the dress and shirt.


Scarves are by far the thing I look forward to wearing the most once the weather begins to cool down.  While we may not need full on winter gear here in Phoenix, a scarf is an easy way to add more wintery elements to our attire for the few weeks of “cold” temps we do experience!  Scarves are really having a moment this season so there are a lot of fun options out there and now, with the advent of all the after Christmas sales, is the perfect time to pick up a few to carry you through the rest of this winter and to stock up for next!


After having worn this dress a million times over the last year, this is by far my favorite way I’ve styled it.   While this is still a look that would be appropriate for a variety of work and social situations, it exudes a little more personality and spunk than previous stylings.


Style Notes: Target dress (fall 2012; striped option)/ Chloe K shirt via Last Chance (spring 2012; similar style) / Anthropologie scarf (fall 2013; cute, budget option) / Me Too shoes via Last Chance (summer 2012; similar style) / Kate Spade clutch (summer 2013; birthday present; Ebay options) / Kate Spade bracelet (fall 2012; love this) / Kate Spade ring (fall 2011; love this) / Michael Kors watch via Last Chance (spring 2012; love this)

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Easy Style

No Comments 06 September 2013

ST full body w: purse

I refer to this dress as my “Dorothy” dress as it reminds me of Garland’s iconic gingham print in Wizard of Oz.  School has been back in session for nearly a month now and boy, what a busy, tiring month it has been.  My days are a whirlwind of getting everyone ready to dash out the door, teaching, coaching a first grader through homework, cooking dinner, giving baths, being read to, snuggles, and crashing for a few hours before starting it all again.  It’s a full on rat race over here and just like Dorothy, I wish I could be whisked away from it all with a quick click of my heels.

ST full body smile

As there is no end to the work to be done, I wanted to hit pause for a few minutes because this little Anthropologie number is worth a mention.  It is the perfect dress for those early mornings when you find yourself barely able to lift the coffee mug, or jug in my case, let alone make earth shattering decisions like what to wear.  Comfort and style go a long way in my book, which has caused this exact look to be on repeat of late.

ST necklace

To avoid looking too costumey, a fashion crime at my age, I added pops of yellow through the cardigan and necklace to create some variety and interest.  I adore this necklace; it reminds me of the candy necklaces I begged my mom to buy me as a kid.  It’s silly, but donning that little piece of nostalgia really brightens my day.  It’s the little things, right?

ST full looking away

Style Tutor Tip: Last spring I mentioned a Target dress I purchased that had the same ease of wear and instant style as this Anthropologie one, but if the price point is out of your budget get yourself to Target ASAP as it looks like they have affordable, and equally adorable, fall options.  A girl can never have too many cute, comfy frocks awaiting her on those sleepy mornings!

Style Notes: Anthropologie dress (summer 2013) / Anthropologie Cardigan (summer 2013) / Anthropologie necklace (summer 2013; love for fall) / Anthropologie bracelet (summer 2013)Me Too shoes via Last Chance (summer 2012; similar style) / Marc by Marc Jacobs crossbody bag via Last Chance (fall 2012) / Michael Kors watch via Last Chance (spring 2012; similar style) / Kate Spade ring (fall 2011; similar style)

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Pushing Daisies

3 Comments 19 June 2013


At first glance this skirt might seem intimidating due to the shape and the bold, graphic stripes, but it has proven itself a rather versatile piece that can easily adapt to one’s personal style.  I’ve worn it with everything from a basic tee to a more polished blouse like the one seen here and always get tons of compliments.

When this shirt came into Anthropologie a few weeks ago I instantly fell in love.  At a basic level it is just a blousy black t-shirt you could find anywhere, but the sweet daisy detail on the sleeves and collar elevates the whole look.



Accessorizing a look like this is super easy; keep it simple.  The special detail on the sleeves and collar, along with the graphic stripe of the skirt, are more than enough to catch one’s eye, so a simple bangle and small earring can complete the look.  Shoes and a handbag in a fun print and the same colorway as the skirt and blouse add some interest without being too distracting.


Style Notes: Anthropologie shirt (spring 2013) / Anthropologie skirt (spring 2013; budget friendly option) / Halogen shoes via Last Chance (fall 2012; love these) / Kate Spade bracelet (fall 2012; love this) / Marc by Marc Jacobs purse via Last Chance (spring 2012; love this)

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Spring Skirt

1 Comment 26 March 2013


Spring has sprung and I find myself gravitating more and more to uber-feminine pieces in classic colors, so when I spotted this skirt at Anthropologie I was instantly smitten by the exaggerated silhouette, eye-catching graphic stripes, and classic vibe of the skirt.  Once I tried it on my suspicions were confirmed; it is quite possibly the best skirt ever!   (It’s currently a toss up between this skirt and the Loft pencil skirt I urged you to drop everything to buy during the fall.)  Even though the skirt is a bit pricey, and definitely more than I would typically spend on a single piece, I know I will get a lot of wear out of it, so it was easy to skip over some other wishlist items in order to purchase this skirt.  And while I would never encourage someone to spend beyond their means, sometimes it is important to revise your spending plan and adjust for well made, classic pieces that will play an integral role in your wardrobe for years to come.


When it came time to style this skirt for work, I chose to keep it simple since the skirt’s shape is enough of an attention getter. The simple black tee with feminine cut shoulders, the statement necklace that doesn’t make too much of a statement but adds just enough color, and the simple black shoe with a heel that is just the right height to help lengthen the legs without going overboard or compromising comfort all work together to play off of and compliment the skirt.  And, even better, this is a look that will keep you looking stylish during the day and later in the evening when you meet some friends for drinks.



Style Notes: Loft cardigan (summer 2013; similar style) / Gap t-shirt (fall 2011; similar style) / Anthropologie skirt (winter 2013; budget friendly version) / BC shoes via Last Chance (winter 2013; similar style) / Kate Spade bracelet (summer 2012; love this) / Dillards necklace (spring 2012; similar style) / Michael Kors watch via Last Chance (spring 2012; similar style) / Marc by Marc Jacobs bag via Last Chance (summer 2012; similar style)

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Mom Style: A Day At The Zoo

No Comments 19 March 2013

Spring break officially began today, so we decided to kick off the week with a trip out to the Wildlife World Zoo.  If you know me at all, you know the zoo is not exactly my favorite place to visit, but the rest of my family adores animals and zoos and since I adore my family I went along for a dusty, and smelly, few hours peering at exotic animals.



Since the majority of the zoo involves wandering down one dusty path to another to see various creatures, I knew I wanted to protect my hair and skin with a hat and to wear something comfortable that I could easily move around in.  It was also important that what I wore would, ahem, hide any sweat that might trickle down my back in the afternoon heat.


It’s pretty obvious by now that I am not a baseball cap, t-shirt, jean shorts, and sneakers kind of girl, right?  More power to you if you can rock that look, but I hold firm in my belief that after a certain age, and outside of a few contexts (running, for example), women should no longer dress like they are little boys about to play a game of baseball at the local park.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to dress smartly and comfortably for the weather and conditions, but there is a way to do so and still look feminine and age appropriate.


I picked up this hat and dress when my kids were in swim lessons last summer and practically lived in them until school resumed in August.  I love the ’70s glam vibe of both the hat and dress and can’t help think of my own mom, who always seemed so glamorous in her giant hat, big sunglasses, and maxi dresses each summer of my childhood, whenever I put them on.  So even though spring and summer here in AZ can be quite a sweaty endeavor, these two wardrobe staples have helped me feel a little less yucky when I am out and about visiting places like the zoo, sitting poolside, or running errands.


Next time you reach for the baseball hat, t-shirt, shorts, and sneakers look, try a printed maxi dress, a floppy sun hat, and a fun sandal. You will still be protected from the sun, actually more as the wide brim of a sun hat will keep more of your hair and skin covered, while the maxi dress will provide the maximum level of comfort without compromising on style.

Style Notes: Target dress (summer 2012; similar style) / Target sandals (ancient; similar style) / Target hat (summer 2012; similar style) / Marc by Marc Jacobs bag via Last Chance (summer 2012; similar style) / Bracelets (made by my mother-in-law) / Ring (mother-in-law’s) / Necklace (ancient; similar style)

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