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No Comments 30 September 2014


This floral number is one of my favorite summer dresses and even though the temps are beginning to drop here in the valley I’m not ready to retire this charming print just yet.  Not every summer dress makes the fall transition, but ones that have colors that work for fall or that can be layered with more fall like pieces are ones that make the cut.  In the case of this dress, the bold floral print incorporates two of fall’s color trends, royal blue and bright cobalt, making it a piece that easily works in early autumn.


Since I love a good A-line skirt, I chose to pair this dress with a sweater for an instant update that also helps to make the look more fall appropriate.  The white peter pan collar, which echoes the white in the dress, helps minimize the summery effect of the dress’ white background.


Metallics, especially gold, are also a major fall trend.  This kitten heel adds to the feminine charm of this look and is an easy way to add another autumnal element to the outfit.


Style Notes: J.Crew sweater (winter 2013; love) / Anthropologie dress (spring 2013; love) / Ann Taylor shoes (summer 2014; similar) / Target sunglasses (fall 2014)


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Pencil Me in

No Comments 25 August 2014

embellished collar, faux leather pencil skirt, gold metallic shoes

Based on my fall/winter style board on Pinterest, it’s safe to say leather is on my radar for fall in a major way.  I’m really hankering for a super cool leather jacket this year, but here in AZ we are still several weeks away from weather that it’s even remotely close to being cool enough to don a jacket of any sort.  An easy way to begin wearing leather or leather inspired looks now is to find a killer skirt in either a pencil or A-line cut.  Certainly, a leather skirt is going to be a tad heavier, and warmer, than its cotton, linen, or polyester counterparts, but it’s a far less sweaty way to delve into leather for fall and an easy way to incorporate leather in a day time, work appropriate way.

embellished collar, faux leather pencil skirt, gold metallic shoes

Leather, or its faux counterparts, can read a bit tough/rock ‘n roll, so look for pieces in classic cuts without too much sheen and with a soft, almost buttery, texture.  This will prevent the piece from coming across as too severe or cheap.  A classic silhouette and dull sheen will also make it easier to pair with work appropriate tops and shoes you already own.  Leather is one of those wardrobe pieces that I believe it is important to invest in; you don’t have to break the bank and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars, but it is also the time to skip over a fast fashion, budget friendly retailer and head to one that caters to a working adult. Below are some great leather pencil skirt options under $100:

embellished collar, faux leather pencil skirt, gold metallic shoes

I purchased this leather pencil skirt eons ago back when Isaac Mizrahi was designing capsule collections for Target. I probably spent about $50 on it, which was quite an investment as a young, single teacher. Initial sticker shock aside, that $50 has turned out to be one of the wisest fashion investments I have ever made. By sticking to a classic silhouette and a duller sheen, I managed to pick up a piece that looks great each fall. To give this skirt a fun little update for this season, and to keep it from looking to heavy while it’s still 100+ outside, I paired it with an ivory blouse in a t-shirt cut. The hue helps balance out the black skirt so things don’t read too austere, while the embellished collar adds a little more femininity to the look.

embellished collar, faux leather pencil skirt, gold metallic shoes

Accessories are another great way to indulge longings for fall garments even when the weather isn’t cooperating. Each accessory in this look, the jeweled collar, owl purse, and metallic shoes, is a statement piece in and of itself, but they work together because of the repetition of fall inspired hues and textures.

embellished collar, faux leather pencil skirt, gold metallic shoes

What’s on your style radar for fall?

Style Notes: Ann Taylor shirt (summer 2014; on sale) / Isaac Mizrahi for Target skirt (years ago; love) / Kate Spade purse (fall 2014; purchased during a recent sale) / Ann Taylor shoes (fall 2014; similar) / Loft sunglasses (summer 2014; love)

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Feel Good Fall Fashion

3 Comments 15 August 2014

31 bits fall collection

It’s no secret that I love accessories.  They are such an easy and affordable way to update a look for a specific event or season, but what if the accessories we purchase had the power to not only refresh our wardrobes but to also change lives?

31 bits fall collection 2014

Enter 31 Bits, a company who “use[es] fashion and design to empower women to rise above poverty”.  As a mother and a high school teacher, 31 Bits embodies all the qualities I try to instill in both my children and students: ideas can change lives and we who are given much should always be mindful of ways we can impact the lives of others.

31 bits fall collection 2014

31 Bits launched their fall + winter collection earlier this week; see the collection here.  Each piece is sure to be a conversation starter, so when you wear 31 Bits you have an opportunity to aid their ability to offer health care, education, and further training for 170+ women in Uganda.  Fashion that makes you look and feel good?  How can you resist?

31 bits fall collection 2014

31 bits fall collection 2014

I first wrote about 31 Bits here, so to have the opportunity to help promote their fall collection and, more importantly, the beautiful women who create these amazing pieces is a real dream come true.  A huge shout out to Alex of Ave Styles whose generousity of time, talent, and spirit is a rare gift.  Follow her on Pinterest for more fall inspiration.  Thank you to Kym Ventola for making me feel far less awakward posing for pictures than I really am; she rocks!  And major thanks to Frances Vintage who not only hosted us but also graciously lent fall looks to showcase different ways to wear your bits!  If you have not visited Frances yet, get yourself downtown ASAP to check out a locally owned boutique full of beautifully crafted and curated items.

31 bits fall collection 2014

Check out how Reachel Bagley, Summer Bellessa, Alex Evjen, Lauren Kelp , Lindsay, Jenny Strebe, and Jessica styled their favorite bits!

Style Notes: Frances dress (available in store now) / Frances clutch (available in store now) / 31 Bits necklace (fall + winter 2014 collection) / 31 Bits bracelet (fall + winter colllection) / Target shoes (summer 2014; love these for fall)



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Taking a Fashion Risk

No Comments 24 July 2014

black peplum and cheetah track pant

While I love fashion and styling different looks, I don’t really take a lot of risks with my own personal style.  Sure, I love mixing prints and never shy away from bold colors, but I tend to stay within the same style genre and garment types.  When you know what works for your body and what style makes you feel the best it’s hard to deviate from that, right?  I can admire different fashion personalities in others, but due to comfort, and finances, I tend to stay within my comfort zone.  So when the updated track pant first hit the fashion scene a few seasons back all my instincts said this is a trend I would definitely stay far, far, far away from. And for a few seasons I managed to put them out of mind, but then just a few weeks ago I went digging in my favorite bargain basement and came across this cheetah print pair for $3.  Mind you, I do not subscribe to the theory that you should buy something just because it’s a total steal.  I was curious, enough, however, to askew my personal buying tenets, figuring worse case scenario I would simply turn these into lounge pants.  Three dollar lounge pants, now those are hard to pass up, right?

black peplum and cheetah track pant

After having worn these pants on two flights and various errand running I am hear to tell you I am still not completely convinced a track style pant is the trend for me.  Being totally honest, I don’t find them to be the most flattering pant of all time.  In fact, the elastic waist band makes me feel a tad older than I am, so they are a pant I would only dare wear with a longer shirt.  If the shirt is not the right cut, however, it will further the boxy, unflattering effect of the waistline. On the flip side, though, that detestable elastic waistband does make for a very comfortable pant that feels glorious during a long flight.  The material washes and dries perfectly and travels extremely well- no ironing!  They are also surprisingly cool on very hot, muggy summer days.

black peplum and cheetah track pant

To create a defined waist, I have found that a peplum is the most flattering top to pair with these pants.  The fitted top helps create a defined waist, while the peplum helps disguise the unflattering waistband.  Another thing I like about these pants is that they are a departure from my usual very feminine sensibilities.  The peplum certainly brings some sophistication to the look, so to keep things from looking too polished I went with an edgy statement necklace.   The key to trying a trend or garment piece that’s outside of your wardrobe norm is to add in elements that are typical of your everyday style. For me, the feminine peplum, statement accessories, and the print are all pieces that exist in my closet and helped to make this fashion risk less difficult.

Style Notes: Target peplum (spring 2013) / Nordstrom pants via Last Chance (summer 2014; love) / Julianne Hough for Sole Society shoes via Last Chance (summer 2014) /Anthropologie necklace (winter 2014) /  Kate Spade bracelet (spring 2011 ; love) / Marc Jacobs purse via Last Chance (summer 2013; budget friendly) / Loft sunglasses (summer 2014; love)

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Summer Wardrobe Essentials

No Comments 23 June 2014

summer wardrobe essentials

Summer may only be two days in, but here in AZ it feels like its been around for months.  Surviving triple digit temps for months on end is a delicate balance between maintaining one’s personal style and wearing as little as possible when out and about, which is why during the summer, more than any other season, I rely (heavily) on “uniforms”.  These uniforms consist of essential pieces or specific outfits that are tried and true ways to endure the heat while retaining a sense of style.

summer wardrobe essentials

Some pieces that I consider essential for summer are floppy hats, a cute shirt, comfy shorts, and a fun pair of shoes.  This hat is a great way to not only provide some instant shade, but to also add some instant style to a summer look.  Another bonus is that if the hot, humid days leave your hair in a dismal state a hat is an easy way to mask it!

summer wardrobe essentials

Cute, lightweight shirts are another must for summer.  When the temps begin to rise, I look for tops that will keep me cool without compromising on style.  This top with its vibrant color, classic print and adorable neckline is a no brainer.  There’s no need for further accessorizing, which is the perfect solution to warm weather wardrobe woes.

summer wardrobe essentials

The last two pieces that complete a put together summer look are a great fitting pair of shorts and a flattering shoe.  A nice fitting pair of jean shorts are hard to find, aren’t they?  At my age, and with two kids, I don’t want shorts that are super short or ill fitting.  These shorts are a boyfriend fit, but I decided to size down so they’d be a little more form fitting and just the right length.  Shorts normally make me feel a little squatty, so a shoe with some height is a must.  Wedges are a nice halfway point between a comfortable flat and a flattering heel while helping to elongate the legs.

summer wardrobe essentials

Style Notes: Target hat (spring 2014) / Anthropologie shirt (spring 2014) / Gap shorts (summer 2013) / Sperry wedges via Last Chance (spring 2012; love) / Gap belt (spring 2014; similar) / Anthropologie earrings (spring 2014; love) / Kate Spade bracelet (spring 2013; love)

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What’s Old Is New Again

No Comments 31 December 2013


This dress and I are quite the duo.  In the past I’ve styled it for both day and night, so this time around I wanted to give the look a little winter update with a cozy infinity scarf, a quirky print, and a little pop of color. Even though there are three different prints going on in this outfit, everything works together because three colors (black, white and grey) are repeated throughout and the circular pattern is repeated in the shape of the scarf and in the print on the dress and shirt.


Scarves are by far the thing I look forward to wearing the most once the weather begins to cool down.  While we may not need full on winter gear here in Phoenix, a scarf is an easy way to add more wintery elements to our attire for the few weeks of “cold” temps we do experience!  Scarves are really having a moment this season so there are a lot of fun options out there and now, with the advent of all the after Christmas sales, is the perfect time to pick up a few to carry you through the rest of this winter and to stock up for next!


After having worn this dress a million times over the last year, this is by far my favorite way I’ve styled it.   While this is still a look that would be appropriate for a variety of work and social situations, it exudes a little more personality and spunk than previous stylings.


Style Notes: Target dress (fall 2012; striped option)/ Chloe K shirt via Last Chance (spring 2012; similar style) / Anthropologie scarf (fall 2013; cute, budget option) / Me Too shoes via Last Chance (summer 2012; similar style) / Kate Spade clutch (summer 2013; birthday present; Ebay options) / Kate Spade bracelet (fall 2012; love this) / Kate Spade ring (fall 2011; love this) / Michael Kors watch via Last Chance (spring 2012; love this)

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