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What’s Old Is New Again

No Comments 31 December 2013


This dress and I are quite the duo.  In the past I’ve styled it for both day and night, so this time around I wanted to give the look a little winter update with a cozy infinity scarf, a quirky print, and a little pop of color. Even though there are three different prints going on in this outfit, everything works together because three colors (black, white and grey) are repeated throughout and the circular pattern is repeated in the shape of the scarf and in the print on the dress and shirt.


Scarves are by far the thing I look forward to wearing the most once the weather begins to cool down.  While we may not need full on winter gear here in Phoenix, a scarf is an easy way to add more wintery elements to our attire for the few weeks of “cold” temps we do experience!  Scarves are really having a moment this season so there are a lot of fun options out there and now, with the advent of all the after Christmas sales, is the perfect time to pick up a few to carry you through the rest of this winter and to stock up for next!


After having worn this dress a million times over the last year, this is by far my favorite way I’ve styled it.   While this is still a look that would be appropriate for a variety of work and social situations, it exudes a little more personality and spunk than previous stylings.


Style Notes: Target dress (fall 2012; striped option)/ Chloe K shirt via Last Chance (spring 2012; similar style) / Anthropologie scarf (fall 2013; cute, budget option) / Me Too shoes via Last Chance (summer 2012; similar style) / Kate Spade clutch (summer 2013; birthday present; Ebay options) / Kate Spade bracelet (fall 2012; love this) / Kate Spade ring (fall 2011; love this) / Michael Kors watch via Last Chance (spring 2012; love this)

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Style Safari

3 Comments 01 August 2013


With each passing year I find the summers here in the valley more and more tiresome and seeminglyendless.  Just when I think I’ve reached my breaking point, fall fashion spreads start dotting the magazines while fall frocks begin gracing retailers’ racks.  While it may still be months before those fashions are even remotely appropriate for Phoenicians, I keep myself sane by scooping up cute layering pieces that can work during the remaining weeks of the sizzling summer and later transition to the much longed for crisp autumn days!


When this cardigan appeared on Anthropologie’s website a few weeks ago I knew it had to be mine.  It obviously meets the criteria of being a layering piece that can work for both summer and fall, but what I adore most about this sweater is that it strikes the perfect balance between sophisticated with the classic pairing of black and white and quirky with the over sized giraffe print.  Even though the print is rather bold it’s not a tricky one to work with as the color combination is neutral enough that it can be layered over black, as seen here, or over any number of colors for added dimension and interest.


Layering pieces are one of the easiest ways to incorporate color or pattern into your wardrobe and can help infuse a little more style, and fun, to your look.  When selecting cardigans think about your closet as a whole and pick up ones that will compliment a variety of pieces you already own.  Select colors that will work across seasons and in a variety of settings or find patterns that will help elevate garments rather than competing with them.  (A rule of thumb is to make sure the patterned piece’s predominate color is the same as the main garment’s.)  And most importantly, remember to have fun with layering; if it makes you smile you know you’ve found a winning combination!

Style Notes: Anthropologie cardigan (summer 2013) / Target peplum (spring 2013; perfect for fall) / Anthropologie shorts (spring 2013) / Anthropologie necklace (spring 2013) / Anthropologie earrings (spring 2013) / Halogen shoes via Last Chance (fall 2012; love these) / Anthropologie shades (summer 2013) / Kate Spade bracelet (winter 2012; love this)


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Taking a Cue from J.Crew

No Comments 28 June 2013

In the most recent J.Crew style guide I was wowed by this skirt, which was paired with a purple button down and jean jacket.  I love a great quirky print just as much as the next girl, but $168 for a pineapple skirt is a tad out of my price range, so I decided to shop my own closet to see if I could replicate the look.


The graphic floral print on this skirt I picked up from Loft (on final sale for about $15) seemed a good enough substitute to achieve the look.  Since this skirt is not quite as quirky as the J.Crew inspiration, I opted to incorporate some print mixing in the form of a polka dot shirt and jean jacket.


The mixed prints all work together because of the repetition of blues throughout the look.  When it comes to pattern mixing, remember you can pair stripes and dots with florals by choosing one dominate color (I typically choose the color from the pant, skirt, or shorts I am wearing) and then repeat that color throughout the rest of the outfit for an unified look.



I’m still in love with the J.Crew look, but I do think this combo is a great way to achieve the same idea at a fraction of the cost.  (The J. Crew skirt is $168; my outfit’s total is about $160, which includes every article of clothing, an accessory and the shoes!)  While I love shopping and buying new clothes as much as the next girl, remember when you find a look you love to peruse your closet first and see if you can pull from there to put your own spin on things!


Style Tutor: Target jacket (spring 2013) / Gap shirt (fall 2012; love this) / Loft skirt (summer 2013) / Kate Spade bracelet (gift; spring 2013) / Classiques Entier shoes via Last Chance (spring 2012; love these)

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Perfect Summer Pieces

No Comments 14 June 2013

Not to sound like a broken record here, but oh boy, is the heat ever on here in Phoenix.  With daily heat advisories starting at 10 a.m. it’s hard not to feel like this quote, from one of my favorite novels, To Kill a Mockingbird, come to life:

…ladies bathed before noon, after their 3 o’clock naps, and by nightfall were like soft teacakes with frosting from sweating and sweet talcum. The day was twenty-four hours long, but it seemed longer.

To ease the pain we’ve been spending a great deal of time taking dips in the pool, hitting up our local mall’s play area, playing game after game of Memory, and enjoying sip after sip of lemonade (watered down for the kids and spiked for mom and dad!).


I’ve found myself scooping up floppy hat after floppy hat lately because they are so convenient and, as I’ve mentioned before, way more stylish to don than a baseball cap when you don’t have time to shower or do your hair before rushing out the door.  On this particular day I had actually taken the time to shower and dry my hair, but good word, my hair is in a real loll right now so it just looked awful.  Obviously on a normal work day I would just have to go about my day secretly plotting to exact my revenge on my hair that night by shaving it all off and starting over, but since my biggest requirement of the day was a few hours of curriculum writing and then several hours of playing with the kiddos a stylish hat saved me from hours of hair loathing!


I’ve also found myself seeking out summery pieces that will help me stay cool but aren’t short on style and that can make the transition to work wear once school resumes in August.  Obviously, these shorts are not something that will make the cut once I head back to work, but what I like about them is that they are fitted without being too tight; they are great shorts to wear when playing with the kids and are also a pair that can be easily dressed up for date night.  The peplum, however, is something I can easily wear long into the fall on its own or under a cardigan or blazer for a more polished look.  At its most basic level, the shirt is simply a tank top making it a perfect piece once the mercury starts to rise, but the button detail on the shoulder, the striped pattern, and the flirty peplum help to add some variety and interest to the look.


On their own this peplum top and these amazing shorts are great pieces to resolve the problem of staying stylish and cool during hot, summer days, but when paired with the hat they evoke a glamorous, retro vibe that plays up one’s femininity.  It’s a fun look for hosting a play date for the littles or heading out for a night out on the town.

Style Notes: Target hat (spring 2013)/ Anthropologie shirt (spring 2013) / Anthropologie shorts (spring 2013) / Halogen shoes via Last Chance (fall 2012; love these) / Kate Spade bracelet (fall 2012; love this) / Michael Kors watch via Last Chance (spring 2012; similar style) / Kate Spade ring (fall 2011; love this) / Modcloth necklace (summer 2012; love this)

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Feeling Regal

No Comments 03 May 2013


With the Kentucky Derby right around the corner I thought it the perfect time to showcase this lovely hat I received as a birthday present in the fall.  While it isn’t the kind of hat one turns to for all sorts of occasions, I wholeheartedly embrace the idea that fashion doesn’t always have to be practical.  Every once in a while it’s okay to indulge and buy, or better yet request as a gift, something you l-o-v-e but don’t have a ton of occasions to don.  For me, this hat, while rather regal, is such a find.  It’s so feminine and so quirky that I can’t help but smile and feel instantly ten times more glamorous than I really am whenever I wear it.


When it came time to style the hat, I knew I wanted to embrace my inner regal lady and go with an all black ensemble. While spring is all about bright, bold colors, in my (fashion) book there is always room for black.  In the right silhouette, an all black ensemble is timeless, seasonless, slimming, and the perfect balance between sophisticated and sexy.


Since the hat is such a show stopper, there really was no need to go overboard with accessories.  I kept it simple with a necklace that is a modern take on a traditional strand of pearls and small, statement earrings.  The peplum top, tuxedo stripping, and bow pumps add a little more visual interest, but because of the all black palette they are not too distracting.


Style Notes: Dillard’s hat (fall 2012; similar style) /  Target shirt (winter 2013) / Ann Taylor pants (fall 2012; similar style) / Anthropologie necklace (spring 2013) / Anthropologie earrings (spring 2013) / Kate Spade shoes via Last Chance (spring 2013) / Kate Spade ring (fall 2011; love this)

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Friday Finds: Polka Dot Jean Jacket

1 Comment 19 April 2013


For this week’s Friday Finds I thought I would change things up a bit and share this adorable (and affordable!) jean jacket I found in Target’s junior’s section for a mere $20!  Jean jackets are kind of a big deal for spring, which I had been pretty much on the fence about until coming across this on a recent trip to Target to purchase cleaning supplies.  (I swear; is it even possible to get out of that place without at least three things you never intended to purchase?)  As a child of the 80s, jean jackets generally take me back to an era of Aqua Net hairspray, slap bracelets, and parachute pants.  Um…no thanks.



This jacket, however, with its quirky polka dots is refreshingly updated.  Since I purchased this jacket in the juniors’ section (size L) it is a little more fitted than a typical jean jacket, which is also part of its charm.  One thing I have always disliked about jean jackets is how bulky they feel and look on me.  The more tailored fit of this jacket lends itself to being layered over dresses or a cute top with some colored skinny jeans.  A great floral pin or statement necklace are the perfect accessories to add a little extra fun this spring!


Style Notes: Target jean jacket (spring 2013) / Dee & Ray Mona Dress via Last Chance (summer 2012; love this) / Classiques Entier shoes via Last Chance (spring 2012; love these) / Old Navy pin (spring 2012; love this) / J.Crew bangle (fall 2011; love this) / Michael Kors watch via Last Chance (spring 2012; similar style)

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